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FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

Q: What is UrLinxs?
A: Urlinxs is a universal website where users of all ages can save their favorite links online. You can add folders, edit foders, add links, edit links, delete links, search links, and much more. See for yourself by creating a free user account.
Q: How do you pronouce UrLinxs?
A: Urlinxs is pronounced "YOUR LINKS".
Q: Do you have to open a user account to use our services?
A: Yes, in order to view and use our services you have to open a user account with UrLinxs.
Q: Is UrLinxs compatible with all web browsers?
A: Yes, its comtatible with all current web browsers ( Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome ).
Q: Who can benefit from this website called UrLinxs?
A: Everybody can benefit from this website. Senior citizens, parents, teachers, college students,  executives, and all professionals can post their favorite links in one location online.   
Q: How can this website help me?
A: You do not have to depend on saving your favorite links on your work computers, home computers, or any personal mobile devices. With UrLinxs you can save all of your favorite websites in your account privately. Now, there is no more worries on loosing your favorite links or showing your friends new links. All you need is internet access to show you favorite links to anybody anywhere.   
Q: Can we use this webiste for children safety net?
A: Yes, you can make accounts for children or kids to protect them from browsing the internet all the time. By placing their favorite links in their accounts. Parents can monitor what they do.
Q: How do we contact UrLinxs for support?
A: We can be reached 24/7 through email. Just send us an email to support@Urlinxs.com and our turn around time is 24/7. Customer service is very important to us. Our #1 priority is our users and clients.